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Re: stderr usage instead of /dev/tty

From: Padraig Brady
Subject: Re: stderr usage instead of /dev/tty
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 16:20:13 +0100
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Philip Lijnzaad wrote:
Nobody commented on my previous patch to bash
to tell it to interact with /dev/tty instead of stderr.
Is it complete lunacy or what? In 10 words or less
why does bash use stderr instead of /dev/tty ?

I may have missed this, but you (I mean, programs in general) have to have
very good reasons to use /dev/tty.

Agreed. However my previous patch only used standard error
for interactive stuff, i.e. the readline routines and outputting of the prompt.
By doing this any errors from bash (& hence any of its children) can be
redirected to file/output colorizer/...

Basically I think it's much more flexible to split interactive stuff to /dev/tty
and non interactive to stderr.


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