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Binding Meta-TAB

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Binding Meta-TAB
Date: 28 Aug 2001 02:26:40 -0700

I am trying to bind Alt-TAB to menu-complete, (which cycles through
the list of possible completions.) I placed the following line in
~/.inputrc, which is otherwise empty:

Meta-TAB: menu-complete

However, Meta-TAB does nothing. Binding menu-complete to another key,
such as "\M-q" or Meta-SPACE, works fine. Is there any way Meta-TAB
can be used?

On a related note: I was wondering if there is any way to alter Bash's
tab behaviour without losing its default ability to keep track of the
number of tabs pressed. For example, Bash completes on the first tab,
and lists possible completions on the second tab. If I bind tab in
readline, I can't seem to be able to replace this behavior.

To be specific, I was thinking of getting Bash to list complete on the
first tab, list completions on the second tab, and menu-complete
subsequently. Is this possible?


-- Yidong

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