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Re: bash: variables inside 'while'

From: Gabriel Zachmann
Subject: Re: bash: variables inside 'while'
Date: 31 Aug 2001 07:41:27 GMT
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Thanks for your quick response.

>  This belongs on bash-bug.  Followup-To and Mail-Followup-To set.

uh, sorry, you are right, of course.

>  address@hidden (Gabriel Zachmann) wrote:
>  >     cat file |
>  >     while read p l
>  >     do
>  >         xx=$p
>  >         echo xx=$xx
>  >         break
>  >     done
>  >     echo xx=$xx
>  This is related to entry E4 in the bash FAQ.  Each element of a
>  pipeline is run in a separate process, so variable settings are in

hm, but why does bash do this differently than ksh?
I quickly checked: with ksh under Solaris, my example works fine.
I also did another search on the NG, and it seems to me that
people trip pretty often over this.


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