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Obtain your degree from Englsih-language European Universities...

From: medicine4
Subject: Obtain your degree from Englsih-language European Universities...
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 01 10:49:02 EST

Dear address@hidden,


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WOW!!....It is possible to gain Direct Admission into a Accredited Medical, 
Dental, Physical Therapy, and Pharmaceutical Universities in Europe!  IMEI  is 
a corporation who introduces and promotes you to the European Universities and 
the American Medical 
Community. Does this sound unbelievable? Current research shows over 20% of all 
physicians and of all residents have trained overseas. The changes of recent 
in our government have allowed this opportunity to attend a accredited 
university, and then return to the United States to complete a residency in 
chosen specialty. There’s More! :  All courses are Taught in English and fully 
Qualify for Federal Loans and Grants. Some of these schools have been teaching 
physicians for over 700 years, and they are not like the recent plethora of 
several year old Caribbean “Diploma Mills.” 

The curriculum of the schools in Europe parallels that of the American Medical 
Schools: The courses are not rushed like the above-mentioned "Diploma Mills." 
allowed to take summers off which allows for an excellent investigation 
examination of all that Europe has to offer. Grab an EuroRail Pass to travel to 
places you 
have only dreamed of visiting. The dream is over......you have arrived! The 
curriculum has been designed with in mind.....Students may enter as young as
High School or can have attempted or finished college. Try to find that 
flexibility anywhere in the world. We know.....we have looked! Please call or 
email us with 
the particular questions that you may have.

So come and experience the Best Academics that only study in Europe can offer, 
all the while discovering its’ abundance of culture and history. This is a 
recipe for 
your memories that will last your entire medical career. 

For more information on qualifications, please write, call, or email to the 
following addresses:


1-801-849-3270     ( Inside USA )
001-801-849-3270 (Outside USA)

You must be 18 years old (or emancipatable), must have a high school diploma 
(or GED Eligible). Tuition ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 per annum. There is a one 
time admission fee that varies on program applied for. 

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