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test -r /dev/stdin fails in configure [update]

From: Matthias Benkmann
Subject: test -r /dev/stdin fails in configure [update]
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 13:13:29 +0200

A few days ago I reported that the bash configure script will consider 
/dev/stdin absent when run by a su'd user. I suggested to test for 
existence rather than readability of /dev/stdin as a fix. I have now 
realized that this does not really solve the problem. The real problem is 
that when su'd to a different user you can not access /dev/stdin (or any 
other /dev/fd/?). So even if bash is configured as root and detects the 
presence of /dev/stdin, there is a problem if I su to a different user and 
run the new shell because /dev/fd/? is not accessible. 

As I see it, detecting /dev/fd/? at configure time does not make sense 
because it being available at configure time does not mean that it will be 
available when bash is finally run. I think bash needs to test 
accessibility of /dev/fd/? at run-time rather than compile time to have 
correct data on the availability of /dev/fd/? both when logged in normally 
and when inside a su environment.


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