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bash and big5 Chinese

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: bash and big5 Chinese
Date: 25 Oct 2001 03:42:49 +0800
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Is there any way (besides remembering to quote) to get bash 2.05 to
respect Chinese big5 characters and not split them in two?  Here we
see bash has found |'s in the second byte of several characters:

$ echo 莫那 魯道
bash: 道: command not found
$ echo '莫那 魯道'
莫那 魯道
$ echo '莫那 魯道'|mmencode -q
=B2=F6=A8=BA =BE|=B9D
$ echo '莫那 魯道  會'|mmencode -q
=B2=F6=A8=BA =BE|=B9D  =B7|
$ echo 莫那 魯道  會
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