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PC bash and backward completion

From: Prabhat Acharya
Subject: PC bash and backward completion
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 09:07:04 -0400

Hi All:

I would like bash on my windows/PC (which will soon be windows XP).
Anyway, it's confusing to download bash from the net.  I go thru the
procedure and select different packages.  It seems like it is down
loading all versions tar archives for the packages.  Anybody knows how
to down bash stuff in a minimal way?  Thanks.

Also, I know of forward completion on command line.  What is backward
completion.  If I understand what it is, how do I do it.  I know TAB
forward completes it.  Thanks.

 Prabhat K. Acharya, Ph. D.
 Spectral Sciences, Inc.
 99 So. Bedford St, Suite 7  
 Burlington, MA 01803  
 Phone: 781-273-4775, x248, 270-1161 (Fax)

For brevity I am terse and to the point in my business emails, and I
avoid tangential/corny remarks/aphorisms/jokes.  If you want more
information or crack a few jokes, please call me.

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