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Re: suspend bug [revisited]

From: Adam Sulmicki
Subject: Re: suspend bug [revisited]
Date: 3 Nov 2001 05:31:36 GMT

: > right now I find myself having to patch bash manually each time I
: > upgrade system :(
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: I am curious, (have i forgotten?) why exactly do you need this?
: Traditionally, you can't suspend a login shell.

just open any xterm or kterm or gnome-terminal or whatever under
X and type suspend. And it will hang.

of all known terminals under X *only* 'xterm' has ability to send signal
'CONTINUE' to the process it is running.

for all other I guess I still could open another xterm find out the pid of
the stopped bash and send it 'KILL -CONT %pid' but that's awkward..
epsecially that there's the better way of doing this by just fixing bash.

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