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cygwin bash #! error: bad interpreter

From: Jonathan Hudgins
Subject: cygwin bash #! error: bad interpreter
Date: 5 Nov 2001 10:37:59 -0800

I am creating some scripts and I get the following error:
        bad interpreter: no such file or directory

Most machines that have cygwin installed work fine.  But one machine
reports this error when I use:

BUT the error disappears when I use:

And to confuse the matter even more, if I do (on the violating
which perl
which bash

I get:

I have reinstalled cygwin several times and looked for anything in the
setup or configuration that might cause such a problem, but I have had
no luck.

ALSO suspect: when i do "vi script" from cygwin I see ^M's at the end
of lines.  I don't get the same problem on other machines with cygwin.
 I did remove the ^M and still had the same problem with my script.


Jonathan Hudgins

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