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Readline problem

From: Jarmo Hurri
Subject: Readline problem
Date: 08 Nov 2001 10:16:46 +0200
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Is anyone able to help me with this one? I already tried to get a
response from the comp.unix.shell group but noone knew the answer
there. I don't know if this is a bug or what.

I installed the new readline package the other day and I can't get the
key bindings to work anymore. This line used to associate Alt-p with
the history search function

bind "\M-p":history-search-backward

However, it doesn't work anymore. After the command has been executed,

bind -p | grep history-search-backward


"ð": history-search-backward

and the key sequence does not work. Furthermore, according to the
readline man page Alt-p is bound to
non-incremental-forward-search-history, and indeed with keyboard
sequence Alt-p that function is launched.(BTW, this shows that the
keyboard sends the correct key sequence.) But running

bind -p | grep non-incremental-reverse-search-history


"\ep": non-incremental-reverse-search-history

This suggests that the key notation for Alt-p is "\ep". So logically

bind -r "\ep";bind -p | grep non-incremental-reverse-search-history


# non-incremental-reverse-search-history (not bound)

and Alt-p no longer does anything, so "\ep" seems to work. Now by all
logic the following should bind Alt-p to history-search-backward

bind "\ep":history-search-backward;bind -p | grep history-search-backward

but the answer is

"\\": history-search-backward
"ð": history-search-backward

and the Alt-p combination still does nothing.

This does not make any sense to me anymore, so could you help me with
this one? My readline version is the newest I'm aware of, that is, rpm
package readline-4.2-2. Bash package is version 2.05-8.

Thank you very much in advance :)


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