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history completion with arrow keys?

From: Krish Krothapalli
Subject: history completion with arrow keys?
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 17:55:32 -0800

This is my first visit to this group, and I couldn't find the
answer I was looking for, so here goes:

Bash and Matlab software have similar completion (with tab) and
history (with up/down arrows).  However, Matlab does one more thing
with the history that I can't get bash to do.  If I type in one or
more characters of a line to the Matlab interface, then use the
up/down arrow keys, Matlab will only scroll those commands in the
history that are potential completions of those characters.

Is there a key sequence that can do this, like <Shift>-Up, or
<Alt>-Up?  I tried <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Delete>-Up.  Didn't work, not

If such a thing does not exist, can someone give me an idea of how
to modify the source to do this?  I was looking at the source, and
it is a bit overwhelming, just like any other code viewed for the
1st time, I suppose.

Thanks a lot,

Krish Krothapalli

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