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Re: bash 2.05a

From: Art Haas
Subject: Re: bash 2.05a
Date: 16 Nov 2001 12:23:59 -0600

address@hidden (Paul Jarc) writes:

> I once had a similar problem with 2.05 from ftp.cwru.edu.  I got a
> good copy of 2.05a from ftp.cwru.edu; it's mirrored here (recompressed
> with bzip2): <URL:http://multivac.cwru.edu./mirror/packages/>.

Got it (thanks!) and built it on a couple of machines.

I've had one problem so far - building it on a mips-sgi-irix6.5, I got
this ...

ld64: ERROR   33 : Unresolved text symbol "sub_append_string"
       -- 1st referenced by y.tab.o.
      Use linker option -v to see when and which objects, archives
      and dsos are loaded.

What I did to work around this was to change `subst.c' slightly. The
defintion of sub_append_string (line 422) was ...

inline char *
sub_append_string (source, target, indx, size)

... and became ...
/* inline */ char *
sub_append_string (source, target, indx, size)

Restarting make generated a bash executable, which I'm running
now. This is the first bash I've been able to use on the 64-bit SGI
machine (all earlier ones I tried locked up repeatedly), so my thanks
go out to Chet Ramey, Paul Eggert (I remember he produced a lot of
patches for 2.05 just after it came out that addressed 64-bit issues),
and everyone else working on Bash.

FYI, here's some build info. These are all running now. I also like
building with warning flags, hence the `-fullwarn', `-Wall', and big
list of `-qinfo' options. Only the SGI machine has shown the link

CC=cc -mips4 -64
CFLAGS=-O2 -OPT:Olimit=1000 -fullwarn

also a 32-bit build

CC=cc -mips3 -n32
CFLAGS=-O2 -OPT:Olimit=1000 -fullwarn

CFLAGS=-O2 -DNDEBUG -march=i686 -Wall

CFLAGS=-O2 -DNDEBUG -qmaxmem=-1 \


I can mail a build log to any developer interested in seeing how the
compile went on a platform he/she might not have available. There are
various warnings about functions without prototypes generated on the
AIX and SGI platforms, as well as possible 64-bit issues (SGI).

Thanks again to everyone working on Bash.

### Art Haas - (713) 689-2417
# They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
# safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
# -- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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