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Re: bash 2.05a on HP-UX 11.00 requires patch

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: bash 2.05a on HP-UX 11.00 requires patch
Date: 22 Nov 2001 14:42:20 +0100
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address@hidden (Austermuehle  Stephan) writes:

|> Fix:
|>      According to Mrs. Katharina Christen from HP Support Germany the
|> function strtold() does not return the type long double but long_double and
|> she stated that the man page for strtold(3C) on HP-UX 11.00 is incorrect.
|> The HP-UX 11.X release notes suggest the work-around that is contained in
|> the attached patch. strtold() shouldn't be used in new applications.

strtold is a standard part of ISO C, where it states that it returns long
double.  Anything you're being told by HP is rubbish.  They should fix
their compiler/libc.


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