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Re: bash in malloc(): warning: recursive call

From: Garrett Wollman
Subject: Re: bash in malloc(): warning: recursive call
Date: 27 Nov 2001 02:16:14 GMT

In article <address@hidden>,
chk no <address@hidden> quoted Chet Ramey who

>> Try configuring --enable-bash-malloc and see if the crash still happens.

Actually, please *don't* do this.  The error message in question
almost always indicates that the application is doing something
erroneous (and non-portable) in a signal handler.  Switching to a
malloc() implementation which does not diagnose this programming error
is not an appropriate solution to the problem.

If bash uses the standard GNU xmalloc() wrappers, modifying xmalloc()
to block SIGINT (and any other signals that bash normally catches)
using sigprocmask(2) *might* reduce the window in which the bug is
noticeable, but keep in mind that other C library state might still
get trashed.


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