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1938 Mercedes Convertible

From: johnjackson
Subject: 1938 Mercedes Convertible
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 21:38:07

History tells us that Adolph Hitler gave Eva Braun a very special gift for her birthday in 1939. He gave his love a two-tone tan and cream 1938 Mercedes 170V Convertible.

Legend has it that Eva Braun's car was lost in the chaos that accompanied the end of WWII. But several years ago the Crawford Automotive Museum of the Western Reserve Society in Cleveland, Ohio found that they may have had in their collection that very same car. When it came to their attention that the two-tone tan and cream 1938 Mercedes 170V convertible could be, in fact, Eva Braun's car they quietly gave it away for FREE to a local dealer's association. This unique piece of automotive history is now available to the highest bidder. All bids over $ 100,000+ USD will be considered with an escrow of $ 20,000 USD to qualify true bidders from the curious.

You may bid now thru the end of November 2001 at ebay.com - Item # 598242092 or call (440) 918-9696 for more information.

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