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s390-ibm-mvs bash 2.05 install

From: Vince Herried room 1414C ph# 3877
Subject: s390-ibm-mvs bash 2.05 install
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 09:39:03 -0500 (EST)

o       we don't seem to have a 'size' command
        on our system.  The Makefile tries to exec
        size bash,
        fails then removes the bash executable.
        I edited the Makefile and removed the 'size'
        it then created an executable

o       when I run it I get a Segmentation fault.
        I tried ./configure --without-gnu-malloc  i370-ibm-mvs
        still no joy.

        $./bash --debug
        CEE5203S The signal SIGSEGV was received.
        Segmentation fault

        Last week I managed to create some formated dumps,
        but can't seem to get any now.

o       btw, someone had already ported bash BASH_VERSION='2.03.0(1)-release'
        I'm trying to find out what they did.

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