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80 columns even after resize

From: Jan Martinek
Subject: 80 columns even after resize
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 11:33:22 +0100
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I think I found a bug in bash or readline maybe. Something
wrong happens when I do following things:
1)  start a new xterm (rxvt, whatever)
2)  start an (probably ncurses based) application like
   mc, vi, vim, less, mutt, pine, aumix, ...
3) change the window size to something different than 80 columns
4) exit the application

after typing every 80 chars the cursor jumps back to the
beginning of line even though the number of columns is not 80.

I also tried this using other shell (csh) and it behaves correctly.
I found this bug on the following systems:

redhat 7.1, bash 2.04
redhat 7.2, bash 2.05
debian 2.2, bash 2.03

The only way to fix the terminal is this:

1) start some application like mc, vi, vim, less, ...
2) restore the window size to exactly 80 chars per line
3) exit the application

reset and resize commands do not solve the problem.
My friend said that the problem is probably in the readline
library bash is linked with.

Jan Martinek

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