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Re: proposal

From: Manic Mechanic
Subject: Re: proposal
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 17:16:02 -0800

This scam has been around for years.  Don't believe it.  It really is
too good to be true.  It has been cited by the National Fraud
Information Center.


ciroma adu sule wrote:
> From the Desk of:Mr sule ahmed
> Tel:234-8033047602(please call from your land phone to get easily)
> Fax: 234 -1- 7590946
> First, I must solicit your confidence and trust in this transaction. This
> is business of confidential and top secret. I do not want to doubt your
> capability and reliability to prosecute a transaction of this magnitude. I
> have every belief that you will render me this help base on recommendation
> I got from a relation and this business will also be beneficial to you.
> I am Head of Senate Committee, on Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation
> of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, when we came into office on May 29th
> 1999, the Honorable president promised to probe into the activities of the
> past regime.
> Due to my experience in the Oil Industry in Nigeria, I was made the Head
> of this Committee. During the course of our probe, we discovered that
> during the last regime of Late General Sani Abacha, the government
> officials set up companies and awarded themselves contracts which grossly
> over-invoiced in various ministries including the National Petroleum
> Corporation which we are presently probing in the course of the
> investigation, we discovered a floating sum of US$82,340,000.000 (Eighty
> Two Million, Three Hundred and Forty Thousand USD Only) in the Apex Bank
> of Nigeria.However, by the virtue of our being civil servants and members of 
> the
> House of Representative, we cannot acquire this money in our name. I was
> therefore delegated as a matter of trust to source for a foreign partner
> whose companys account will be used to acquire this fund hence we are
> writing this letter.
> We should believe that in soliciting your support we are not making any
> mistake as our attempt to pull the ideal through with our erstwhile
> partner Mr. Filipino from Germany ended up with bitter memories, the first
> batch of US$6,600,000.00 (Six Million Seven hundred Thousand United States
> Dollars only) from the total US$82.24 million was transferred to his
> account, he sat on the funds, close the account and changed all contracts
> thus we could not reach him till date. The balance US$76,640,000.00
> (Seventy Six Million, Six Hundred and Forty Thousand United States Dollars
> only) is presently the subject of this proposal.
> We the members of this committee have agreed to share this money using the
> following percentage20% for the account owner65% for the officials
> 15% for the settlements of taxation.
> This includes both local and foreign expenses during the course of this
> transaction. I would like to let you know that this transaction is safe
> and we intend to re-award this contract in your companys name and apply
> for claims once we receive the following from you by Tel/fax:
> 234-1-7594494 and the entire transaction will take 14 banking days.
> 1.      Companys name and address
> 2. Companys bankers, Account number, sorting banks phone number/faxnumber.
> 3.      Yours company telephone number/fax number
> I am looking forward to doing business with you and I personally solicit
> your utmost confidence in this transaction. I will bring you into the
> company picture when I hear from you.
> Yours faithfully
> sule ahmed
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