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Re: GNU Readline Problem

From: Paul Jarc
Subject: Re: GNU Readline Problem
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 19:30:05 -0500
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Rob <address@hidden> wrote:
> I'm running Gcc 2.95.3 and Gnu ld 2.11.2 in a Solaris 8 x86 environment.
> I'm building this because Amanda backup package requires it.
> Gcc has successfully built shared libraries previously without problem.
> Recently however I built readline and during the compile it complained

Readline problems should be reported on news:gnu.bash.bug
(address@hidden).  (Mail-)Folloup-To set.

> about the following:
> gcc -shared -Wl,-i -Wl,-h,libreadline.so.4  -o libreadline.so.4
> readline.so vi_mode.so funmap.so keymaps.so parens.so search.so rltty.so
> complete.so bind.so isearch.so display.so signals.so util.so kill.so
> undo.so macro.so input.so callback.so terminal.so nls.so xmalloc.so
> history.so histexpand.so histfile.so histsearch.so shell.so tilde.so
> compat.so 
> /opt/langtools/bin/ld: -r and -shared may not be used together

I don't see -Wl,-r in that gcc command line.  Odd that gcc would
supply it to ld.  What do you get if you add -v to that gcc command


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