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New products

From: HongKong
Subject: New products
Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2002 06:36:50 -0500

Dear customers
The following are our current new products.
Analog PAL to NTSC Convertor for all console - US$59
X-Joybox for X-box - US$15
Power Controller for G. Cube - US$19
5" RGB TFT monitor for PSX one - US$78

Multi VGA Box for all consoles - US$45

NEC D-Cube MP3 Player/IC Recorder/FM Radio - US$239
Body Guard Case for GBA - US$8

 King of Fighter EX Limited GBA Box Set - US$168

Multi-function Digital Camera PDC-31 for PC - US$52

Tiny Gun for PSX - US$8
Mega Memory 16 for PSX 2 - US$36

PSX/PSX2 Mini Gun
- US$16

Super Joybox 5 for PC - US$19
Desert Eagle Pistol for PSX/PSX2 - US$21
 A.I. Trading Ltd.

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