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IFS system variable

From: Eric Khanukayev
Subject: IFS system variable
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 04:24:39 GMT
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Hello guys.
Using RH 7.1
Please help me to change value of IFS variable(I need this temporarily, just to run one program, then I will reset it back to original)
I tried:
export IFS=:

grep eric /etc/passwd |awk '{print $5}'

still not working. I'm just trying to print 5th field from /etc/passwd that will show users full name.
It counts blank space as an Internal Field Separator(IFS) but not ":"
Sun,BSD,AIX and SCO work fine. But RedHat has it's own "opinion" on this.
I tried bash and sh.
Maybe You know different way of doing this, if so please let me know.
Thanks again for Your time.


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