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Posix and command line parameters

From: T Shilo
Subject: Posix and command line parameters
Date: 24 Feb 2002 22:37:01 -0800

Could this be a bug ?

I have a simple bash script
    #! /bin/bash
    echo I got $# parameters

On machine1 it behaves properly.
On machine2, running the same bash version, it shows:
    >script param
    I got 1 parameters
    > script
    I got 1 parameters.

Going on a hunch, I changed the script to
    #! /bin/bash --posix
    echo I got $# parameters
Now the script works on both machines.

Can anyone explain ?

P.S. If this isn't a bug and the question doesn't belong in this
newsgroup, please point me to the right place. I posted this question
in comp.unix.shell and didn't get any replies.

P.S.2. Please e-mail me a reply. My newserver does not hold gnu newsgroups. Thx

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