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RE: Malloc error during auto-completion

From: Richard S. Smith
Subject: RE: Malloc error during auto-completion
Date: 4 Mar 2002 22:12:25 GMT
User-agent: tin/pre-1.4-980818 ("Laura") (UNIX) (FreeBSD/3.5-RELEASE (i386))

I am following up the error report I posted from my work account.

The behavior I am seeing is that compgen under 2.05a under Solaris
will fail if the list passed into compgen is of any non-trival size.
In my case it was a little over 3K bytes with 165 unique items.  The
bash process running compgen will become unresponsive to anything
except a kill -9 and grow it's RSS until the system starts to swap,
and beyond that even...

 Richard S. Smith / Email: address@hidden / Web: http://www.rssnet.org/

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