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[patch] enabling vi-style completion in posix mode

From: Dick Streefland
Subject: [patch] enabling vi-style completion in posix mode
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 19:03:20 +0100
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The patch for bash-2.05a below removes a posix_readline_initialize()
call, which I think is superfluous. This function is already called
earlier from sv_strict_posix(). The second call makes it impossible to
enable vi-style completion in your ~/.inputrc file when the shell is
started in posix mode.

When the shell is started as /bin/sh, it will run in posix mode. This
means that when vi-style commandline editing is selected, TAB will be
bound to self-insert, because that is a POSIX requirement. Overruling
this behavior by adding a "TAB: complete" line to your ~/.inputrc file
doesn't work, because this binding is overruled again by the second
call to posix_readline_initialize(). The patch below shouldn't change
the default behavior, but makes it possible to use vi-style completion
(I can't live without it) in posix mode.

--- bashline.c.orig     Mon Nov  5 18:58:59 2001
+++ bashline.c  Mon Mar  4 00:15:57 2002
@@ -377,10 +380,10 @@
   rl_filename_quoting_function = bash_quote_filename;
   rl_filename_dequoting_function = bash_dequote_filename;
   rl_char_is_quoted_p = char_is_quoted;
+#if 0 /* already called from sv_strict_posix() */
   if (posixly_correct)
     posix_readline_initialize (1);
   bash_readline_initialized = 1;
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