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Re: DOS newlines no longer acceptable?

From: John Kodis
Subject: Re: DOS newlines no longer acceptable?
Date: 9 Mar 2002 17:52:05 GMT
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Previously, Paul Jarc wrote:
>  Corrin Lakeland <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I have been given a script in DOS format (\n\r)
>  DOS format is \r\n, not \n\r.
> > and running bash with it caused errors
>  Right.  What made you expect differently?

I'd expect that the CR would be treated as an extra white-space
character at the end of each line.  And indeed, this seems to work for
me on all but the initial #! line.  This fails (at least on Linux)
because the exec() call can't find an interpreter named "/bin/bash\r".

I'd be interested in what OS you're using and what error message you

-- John Kodis.

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