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Practical Ministry Innovations

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Subject: Practical Ministry Innovations
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 13:06:25 -0500


  March 8, 2002

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Get A Grip

Guest Columnist, Lynette Decker:  As lights shining in the darkness, God uses us to point the way for people who are without Christ and seeking direction. He uses us to reveal the moral and spiritual decay of our society. He uses us to dispel the fear and hopelessness that has captured our world.
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Going Horizontal

Guest Columnist, Sally Morgenthaler:  Chat rooms, game rooms, message boards, and listservs-cyber gazebos form the hub of a burgeoning global park, reminding us daily that the future isn't what we expected.
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ABC'S Of Loving Your Job

Columnist, Dr. John C. Maxwell :  People who want to retire so they can sit under a coconut tree watching the grass grow baffle me. We were created for meaningful work, and one of life's greatest pleasures is the satisfaction of a job well done.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Guest Columnist, Mike Sciarra:  Recently, I stood at a checkout stand behind two people with four people behind me. The salesperson left to check a price and was gone for 10 minutes! Amazingly, this person wore a vest that read, "How can I help you?" A sign boldly proclaimed, "You must be satisfied, that's our policy." And his nametag read, "Customer Service Manager."
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Did Jesus Have Psalm Pilot? Lessons from the Best Time Manager - Part 1

Guest Columnist, Beth Beutler:  Can you imagine Jesus operating His life and ministry out of a handheld computer or day planner? Maybe in those days they carried a scroll with their vital appointments and contact numbers (or perhaps a Psalm Pilot?)
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This issue valid March 8, 2002 - March 22, 2002.

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