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Re: bug under redhat 7.2 bash 2.05, rpm bash-2.05-8

From: Mike Warner
Subject: Re: bug under redhat 7.2 bash 2.05, rpm bash-2.05-8
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 00:48:41 -0800
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mc wrote:

> I'm having this very strange problem with bash under redhat 7.2.
> It will not parse commands such as:
> 'gnome-config --libs gnome'
> 'ls -l'
> but will only parse:
> 'ls'
> 'gnome-config'
> ie: anything not containing a blankspace
> this is very weird, allthough it may be a problem with my config, it is
> probably related to redhat, anyone else ever run into this?
> thanks,
> Matt

In the future, you need to supply more data. You haven't provided any 
context or given any examples. 

Your assertion is simply untrue. When passing parameters, enclose them in 
dquotes when there is any chance that the parameters have embedded 

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