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Re: Determining the current path of a sourced script

From: Tony
Subject: Re: Determining the current path of a sourced script
Date: 16 Mar 2002 13:28:26 -0800

address@hidden (Chet Ramey) wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> > I have a bash script that will be sourced rather than run. Is there
> > anyway for the script to determine its location (pathname)?
> > 
> > Specifically, in my .bashrc I have:
> > 
> >   if [ -f /devel/bashrc ]; then
> >     . /devel/bashrc
> >   fi
> > 
> Only if you tell it:
>       if [ -f /devel/bashrc ]; then
>               DEVEL_BASHRC=/devel/bashrc
>               . ${DEVEL_BASHRC}
>       fi


I don't get your point. What you specify is equivalent to what I
already have in my .bashrc... unless your point is specifying a
variable which is sure to be *at least* a relative path to the script.
Well... that's not even sure if the DEVEL_BASHRC directory has been
put in the proper place within the user's PATH or if the user happened
to install it in his $HOME directory, then DEVEL_BASHRC could possibly
simply be defined as DEVEL_BASHRC=bashrc and the script would still
have no clue where itself was.


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