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Re: Determining the current path of a sourced script

From: Tony
Subject: Re: Determining the current path of a sourced script
Date: 16 Mar 2002 20:17:53 -0800

> He's saying that bash has no built-in functionality to convey this
> information, but if the sourcing script knows where the sourced script
> is, it can do the job itself.

Sorry, I see now that I was reading the inflection incorrectly. Its
perfectly clear to me now that he was saying that.

Part of my problem was having posted my second message before
receiving his post (which was written before my second message), I
thought he was replying to that second message and was attempting to
disagree or provide some new method. Now I see that he just happened
to be suggesting the same thing.

> Then the sourcing script should simply not do that.  With this method,
> it's the sourcing script's responsibility to guarantee that the
> variable contains a useful value.
> paul

So I'm stuck hoping the user does the right thing.

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