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Re: [feature request] setpgid and setsid builtins

From: Paul Jarc
Subject: Re: [feature request] setpgid and setsid builtins
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 11:23:03 -0400
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Francis Montagnac <address@hidden> wrote:
>     Without having setsid as bash buitins one has to rely on the real
>     executable to detach itself from the tty.

No, you can use an external wrapper command.  If you use Linux, the
util-linux package has the "setsid" command.  Also, my idtools package
has the "setstate" command: <URL:http://multivac.cwru.edu./idtools/>.

>   exec_with_timeout () {

This code works for me without setpgid.


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