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[feature request] put job in background without stopping it first

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: [feature request] put job in background without stopping it first
Date: 20 Apr 2002 10:11:07 +0800
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I start one command.  Later I want to start another command, but in
order to get back to a prompt to do this I must first suspend the
first command with C-z.  Even though I can then immediately hit "bg"
to continue that fist command in the background, that first command
must still suffer having to be stopped, even if it is for only a
second.  Wasn't there a ^Y in some shell somewhere that could do the
same as a "^Z;bg".

I was thinking of traceroute where I didn't want to risk skewing its
statistics or something, but cooked up the following example instead:

Let's say here I am in the hospital and I
$ gamma_ray_osteoscan patient=jim_homes dose=50milligals range=full_body
but darn, I also wanted to check my mail, so I
[2]+  Stopped                 gamma_ray_osteoscan patient=jim_homes 
             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^[note whopping blank here.  Why?]
$  bg
[2]+ gamma_ray_osteoscan ... &
$ mail

However, doing this caused the scanner to stop just a little to long
over Jim's ba**s, later causing a big lawsuit, so, next time, if I
forget to use "&" at outset, how can I get the job into the background
with out C-z or going thru some back window or something.  Assume I
only have one window on one terminal.
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