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Practical Ministry Innovations A2

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Subject: Practical Ministry Innovations A2
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 10:30:35 -0400


  April 18, 2002

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Tools for Schools

Staff Columnist, Dr. J. P. Leskie:  Air Pollution is not just an outdoor issue and one for only the scientists to worry about. Chemical and biological contaminants may be adversely affecting the health of our school children and their teachers.
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Hear the presentation.

Thank God for Fleas

Guest Columnist, Les Parrott, III Ph.D.:  In her new classic book, The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom tells about an incident that taught her the principle of giving thanks in all things.
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Facing Your Fears

Columnist, Dr. John C. Maxwell :  Remember when you were a kid and just knew there was a monster lurking at the foot of your bed? How did you get over that fear? Most likely someone turned on the lights and pointed out that your monster was nothing more than a sweater hanging on a chair. Once the lights came on, the monster was no longer frightening.
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Sing a New Song

Reprinted by permission, Rev. Magazine:  As the congregation focuses on new words to draw them into God's presence, something exciting can happen as people open up and allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives.
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Did Jesus Have Psalm Pilot? Lessons from the Best Time Manager - Part 2

Guest Columnist, Beth Beutler:  Last time, we examined where Christ placed His focus. Another area He was a strong example of this was in His calling.
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