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Panadox Systems Beta Test

From: Beta Administrator
Subject: Panadox Systems Beta Test
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 21:00:52 -0400

Panadox Systems operates an SMTP/POP3 (email) server which is used to test
the functionality of the Panadox MTA server product (Version 3.0). Email
accounts on this server are given out at no charge. Members of this beta
test receive full access to the entire feature set of the Panadox MTA,
including DSN (Delivery Status Notification), mail forwarding, auto reply,
and standard POP3 access (This is NOT a web mail system).

Also, our user base is small so you can have the user name you want, such as
address@hidden No longer do you have to accept address@hidden

The test will never be terminated, so these accounts are good for life and
free for life, but only so many will be given out. To learn more go to

Please Note:
It's always a good idea NOT to have your personal email account hosted by
your ISP. Doing so makes it extremely difficult to change ISPs, should you
become dissatisfied with them. A Panadox Beta Account will serve to make
your email independent from your connection.

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