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ADV: Stock On the Rise - NMMG... 1474900

From: address@hidden
Subject: ADV: Stock On the Rise - NMMG... 1474900
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 01:31:13 -0800



NEW RECOMMENDATION - NMMG - New Millenium Media Intl., Inc.

Shares Outstanding: 7,100,000..........Float: 4,400,000..........52 Week High/Low: $2.76/0.10

Short-term Target: $7.50



Wall Street Daily is back with a brand new recommendation. Our Chief Analyst has noted that the Russell 2000 and Wiltshire 4000, both small-cap indices, have broken out to higher trading ranges, which is a great indication that smaller OTC stocks will move higher.

Investors must pick a stock carefully, one that will outperform others in the same group. We have chosen such a stock and Wall Street has also taken notice. The recent increase in steady volume as well as the steady price increase tells us that the composite indicators, specifically the Trend Spotter is forecasting NMMG will move to the $2.65-$3.15 range, and then on to the low $4.00 range.

This current recommendation is New Millennium International, Inc. (OTC.BB:) NMMG

Company and Products

NMMG holds the exclusive rights to the patented "Illumisign-EyeCatcherPlus" Display Board. These boards are one of a kind. Unlike the traditional indoor billboards that you see at shopping malls and movie theaters (which carry only one advertisement), these attention-grabbing boards carry up to 24 MOVING, highly illuminated ads.

NMMG is already getting a huge share of this market nationwide, with many already placed and drawing continual revenues stream of up to $20,000 per month per board! (See "Contracts & Projections") NMMG already has contracts in place with on- going revenues plus additional potential revenues totaling more that $18.3 million.)

Current Market

American Business Media, the association for business media companies, points out that increasing advertising spending is crucial to the success of businesses during times of economic downturn. Statistics show that now more than ever people are frequenting malls, movie theaters and sports arenas, and advertisers realize this. Over the last three quarters NMMG has signed contracts with major theater chains, metropolitan malls, and sports arenas. We believe many more contracts are forthcoming.

The Future is now

Goodbye stagnant, boring old billboards! The new generation is here. NMMG has a brand new outdoor billboard to compliment its indoor "EyeCatcherPlus". NMMG has the exclusive rights to an advanced, proprietary technology to manufacture full-color, full-motion digital LED outdoor billboards. These moving billboards actually play video commercials, and the advertiser's product is understood instantly at just a glance.

Thanks to this new technology, these futuristic billboards are now affordable to companies; and the boards are programmed from a central computer (no more massive printing costs and sending expensive work crews out changing the advertisement). It may be hard to believe but these boards will actually cost advertisers less than traditional stagnant boards.

Also, the board temperature runs approximately 50% cooler, allowing for many years of performance. Plus, a unique aspect of these high-tech boards is they can be molded and curved to fit almost any shape. Additionally, the images are dramatically improved because these new boards use 50 diodes per square inch, compared to existing technology of 9 per square inch.

Contracts & Projections

NMMG already has contracts in place with ongoing revenues plus additional potential revenues totaling more than $18.3 million, and we are only one quarter into this year. Also, all of these contracts are residual, which means they go on for years and years, while the company keeps adding on new revenues.
We believe going into the spring season, and with the economy improving, that contracts will start to accelerate. But, if NMMG only continues at this pace it will have contracts for $36 million in potential revenues for the year.


If NMMG only capitalizes on its contracts in place for this year, the company could make $18.3 million in revenues. At a 28% net margin--which management is telling us they are comfortable with--NMMG will have pre-tax earnings of $5.12 million, and after-tax earnings of $0.51/share. At a moderate 25 P/E, the stock would be worth $12.75/share.

But imagine if the company continues to get contracts at this same pace for the rest of this year. The company would make approximately $36 million: pre-tax $10.08 million; after-tax $0.99/share. With a very moderate 20 P/E the stock would be worth $19.80.
So you can see why we are excited about this stock.



This report is an independent newsletter and is not affiliated with New Millenium Media Intl., Inc.



Wall Street Daily (WSD) publishes reports providing information on selected companies that WSD believes have investment potential. Subscriptions are $639.00 per year. Not a solicitation to purchase subscription. Call for free trial. WSD is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. This report is provided as an information service only, and the statements and opinions in this report should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security. WSD accepts no liability for any loss arising from an investor's reliance on or use of this report. An investment in NMMG is considered to be highly speculative. WSD's analyst is contracted to receive 11,000 shares of NMMG common stock as a research fee. WSD's analyst intends to sell all or a portion of the NMMG stock at or about the time of publication of this report. Subsequently, WSD's analyst may from time to time buy or sell shares of NMMG stock in the open market. This report contains forward-looking statements, which involve risks, and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. For further details concerning these risks and uncertainties, see the SEC filings of NMMG including the company's most recent annual and quarterly reports. Copyright c 2002 WSD. All rights reserved.


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