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how to chroot /home/user ?

From: Karma68
Subject: how to chroot /home/user ?
Date: 24 Apr 2002 07:52:43 -0700

Hello ,

I am trying to build a secure shell for my user using chroot but I am
still confused . I worked about 2 days replacing most of command with
an alias ,
but just now I found that it's enough a /bin/bash to start 
a new bash , bypassing all my alias :(( !

Now I am trying to do the following ;

I wish to chroot /home/user  and  the  user  should be able to use
only 5 commands , gzip , pico , pine , cd and ls .

Anyone can explain me in simple steps what I have to do ?

Thank you
(I am using red hat 7.2 i386, bash 2.05)

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