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The Investment Journal: Biotech Holdings Ltd. GTX

From: The Investment Journal
Subject: The Investment Journal: Biotech Holdings Ltd. GTX
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 22:24:17 -1700

The Investment








The Company: Biotech is a pharmaceutical company based in Vancouver, Canada.ÿFFFFA0 Biotech controls and is bringing to market a breakthrough diabetes drug.ÿFFFFA0 The drug, called DIAB II, is classed as an insulin-sensitizing drug. Drugs of this type improve the bodyÿFFFF92s ability

to make use of insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels.ÿFFFFA0 Currently available insulin-sensitizers such as Avandia and Actos have huge sales volumesÿFFFFA0 -- over $700 million annually in the case of Avandia, and over $1 Billion for ActosÿFFFFA0 -- despite a number of drawbacks including potential liver toxicity.ÿFFFFA0 The success of these drugs demonstrates the tremendous potential for an effective and safe insulin sensitizer such as DIAB II.


The Potential Market: The market for Type II Diabetes drug worldwide is estimated to be more than $10 billion annually.


BiotechÿFFFF92s first goal is to bring DIAB II onto the market in Latin America, as preparation for bringing DIAB II to the drug market in the U.S. and Canada. Discussions with potential pharmaceutical partners for the U.S. market have begun.


In Latin America, Mexico is first on the companyÿFFFF92s list of target markets. In his report to shareholders issued March 1, 2002, the President of Biotech Holdings, Robert Rieveley, said: We believe that we are well positioned for receiving regulatory approval shortly.ÿFFFFA0 Accordingly, we have been making preparations for supply of DIAB II to the Mexican market, which is the eighth largest pharmaceutical market in the world.


In Latin America, DIAB II has already been approved in Peru and Biotech has signed distribution agreements for Venezuela, Chile and Argentina.ÿFFFFA0 In other markets, a distributor has been signed for Turkey and preliminary agreements are in place for Spain, Greece, South Africa and several markets in the Middle East and South Asia.


The U.S. patents that protect DIAB II - - issued on November 28, 2000 and September 18, 2001 - - confer the sole right to the use of treatments combining insulin-sensitizing drugs with any other standard medications for Type II Diabetes.ÿFFFFA0 Many large pharmaceutical companies active in the diabetes field may be affected


In addition to its prescription drug business, Biotech has a non-prescription, personal care products division which is showing steady growth.ÿFFFFA0 In addition to its growing private label business, this division is planning to launch a new line of high-margin cosmetic products, which will be sold primarily in the U.S.


BiotechÿFFFF92s revenues are set to grow sharply as markets for DIAB II open up, as non-prescription revenues grow and as the implications of the above-mentioned patents are pursued, with potential for royalty payments from major pharmaceutical companies. In his Report to Shareholders, the President of Biotech concluded: We look forward with enthusiasm to developments in the coming months.


Company Name

Biotech Holdings Ltd.

Stock Exchange in U.S


Stock Exchange in Canada

TSX.Venture: BIO

52-week High/Low BIOHF


52-week High/Low BIO










There has been growing investor interest and substantial volumes in trading of BIOHF shares.ÿFFFFA0 Since January 2002 trading has averaged nearly 1 million shares per week.ÿFFFFA0 This suggests to some market watchers that a strong base is being formed, with the next step being a significant upward movement.ÿFFFFA0ÿFFFFA0 Research the growth potential of this special situation while the Company that developed, controls and markets DIAB II is still trading as a penny stock.





Active Float:


U.S. SEC Registration No.:

0 - 29108

Shares outstandingMar.31/02:


Recent Market Cap:

$6,300,000 US

Stock Exchange in U.S.:


Stock Exchange in Canada:


52-week High/Low BIOHF:


52-week High/Low BIO:




The Investment Journal: The information herein has been obtained from sources which are believed to be reliable, but there are no guarantees as to its accuracy or completeness. Neither the information nor any opinion expressed constitutes a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. Biotech Holdings has not paid any cash or shares for its appearance on this report.ÿFFFFA0 Some or all employees at The Investment Journal may hold shares in companies featured. We do not recommend or constitute "buy" or "sell" signals or advisories for our readers. The Investment Journal is not a securities broker-dealer, investment advisor or a securities exchange and is not registered as such with the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any state securities regulation authority. Consult with your financial advisor before making any financial decisions.

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