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Check This Out!!

From: Jeniffer
Subject: Check This Out!!
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 16:35:38 -0400

Hello !
My name is Jennifer, and my friends are Stephanie and Sara! We all three host 
intmate parties and have fun every night and day!
We are always looking for new friends that like to party. We all have webcams 
and show off either individaully or, if the party is hot, we all 
get together and have FUN, if you know what i mean!

This is something new and different, since we do this for fun and pure 
entertainment. Nobody will ask you for credit cards or crazy stuff like that, 
You have everything in your hands, and you can come see us anytime, fun is 
always there! 
Feel free to download the friendly-user software and you will see how easy it 
is to chat and watch us all the time! And that is FREE!

Thank you!
We send this email in order to meet new people. It is not SPAM and it has no 
commercial purpose whatsoever.  
We thank you for your understanding and we would be pleased if you would come 
say hi! 
If by any chance these types of emails bother you, we encourage that you 
unsubscribe from our list and you will never have to worry about it.


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