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Reports of Phone radiation

From: drritter
Subject: Reports of Phone radiation
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 06:01:49 +0100

Your Mobile Phone might Cause Cancer!

Studies have shown that electromagnetic waves that come 
from your cell phone may be correlated to Brain Cancer.

In May 2000 A large US media outlet performed a test.  
They took the 5 most popular phonessold in the US and 
tested them at a highly respected German laboratory.
Four out of five phones tested were above the radiation limit.

The worlds largest Cell Phone Manufacturers have patented 
devices to reduce the risk of Brain Tumors, yet they insist on 
rejecting claims of any health hazards from using mobile phones.

It will take thousands of tests and many years before the effects 
of electromagnetic radiation on the human body is known.
Just Like It Did With CIGARETTES!
Don't be the phone companys guinea pig.  Protect Yourself Today!

We sell a product that helps reduce harmful electromagnetic radiation 
from your head.  It is brand new, patented, easy to install, easy to 
fits every phone made, and very affordable.  

If you are interested in Cell Phone Safety or would like more info 
about our 
New Cell Phone Anti-Radiation Shield, please email me at

address@hidden with the subject "safety"

or click below


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