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$100 INSTANT DISCOUNT - Sale ends tomorrow!

From: Brian Edwards at X10.com
Subject: $100 INSTANT DISCOUNT - Sale ends tomorrow!
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 04:15:25 -0700

Get an overview of our HOT DEALS for this week Get an overview of our HOT DEALS for this week Get an overview of our HOT DEALS for this week
Dear Subscriber

Every year we open a treasure chest called the "Customer Dividend" fund. After squirreling away dimes and dollars, we typically come up with enough cash to give each customer a healthy pay-back. This year... oh my gosh, IT'S BIG!

Until May 16th, you've got the chance to dip into our hoard and collect your share of the CASH... up to $100 DOLLARS!

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! You have until tomorrow @ midnight to redeem your voucher for up to $100 off your next order!

Redeem your $100 Voucher NOW!

Redeem your $100 Voucher!
INTELLIGENT Motion Monitor
INTELLIGENT Motion Monitor
Turns on up to 8 different devices inside/outside your home so you'll not only scare off intruders with light, but notify people inside your home that someone is lurking in your yard.
TWO FOR $59.99
3 Camera Deal With XRAY VISION
Ultimate 3 Camera Superdeal with X-RAY VISION
Gigantic $385 Value! You can now view and record all the action from 3 wireless XCam2 cameras and transmit LIVE XCam2 images to your PC & view snapshots over the Net!
ONLY $184.99!
FREE Socket Rocket - Lamp Control
FREE Socket Rocket Lamp Module
Get a FREE Socket Rocket with any order $70 or more! This smart lamp module gives you a simple and easy way to gain total control over any light that requires a standard light bulb.


Up to $100 off your next order Up to $100 off your next order!

We're giving you $100 to spend on anything you like.* When you apply this coupon to your cart, you slash the prices to realize incredible savings in your pocket... UP TO $100 OFF!

How does it work?

We start you out with $10 to spend on anything! It's like a $10 INSTANT DISCOUNT! Then the more you spend, the bigger your discount!

Spend $$$ Discount
Anything up to $79.99 $10 OFF!
$80 - 119.99 $17 OFF!
$120 - 169.99 $30 OFF!
$170 - 229.99 $45 OFF!
$230 - 299.99 $60 OFF!
$300 or more $100 OFF!

* Not all items in the store valid with coupon. See product descriptions for details.

Entertainment Anywhere, ONLY $59.99

Entertainment Anywhere, ONLY $59.99 WITH COUPON

Be one of the VERY FIRST to own this latest breakthrough from X10! Entertainment Anywhere allows you to link your entire home entertainment system without wires. Connect your TV, VCR, DVD player, stereo, computer, and more with no hassles and in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES.

  • Transmit through walls - Do you keep your computer and television in the same room? Would you like to watch DVD's, but only have a DVD player on your computer? Play DVD's on your home computer and broadcast wirelessly to your living room television!
  • One remote controls everything - Before Entertainment Anywhere, I kept 5 remote controls in my coffee table drawer. Now, I keep only 1 remote... and it's easier to understand than any of my old ones!
  • Listen to MP3's on your stereo - You wouldn't believe how much difference a good set of speakers can make. Play your MP3's on your home stereo where you can really hear the music.
  • More than entertainment... it's living - Don't settle for convenient movies, music, and MP3's! Expand your control to lights, appliances, and more! The Anywhere 2000 Remote controls any X10 enabled appliance!
Recently we received this customer comment:

"In a word, the Entertainment Anywhere package is 'unbelievable!' This was not only the final piece to my "whole house audio" setup, but also the most mind blowing! I set it up 5 minutes ago and my jaw is still on the ground as a result of my surprise in its ability to send MP3s from my computer to the home sound system. As I type I am waving "good bye" to radio and gratefully welcoming in streaming 128bit MP3s from the net!" - Christopher P.


Independent Living System

Independent Living System, ONLY $39.99 WITH COUPON! $130 VALUE!

Connect with emergency care professionals simply by pressing a pocket-sized button! X10's Personal Alert Independent Living System gives you complete monitored assistance, 24 hour a day.

Anytime you or a loved one presses the "Big Red" button, our specially trained Care Team will respond by notifying the police, medics, and a relative or friend. Within minutes, you'll have the help you need at your front door.

  • Great for elderly family members who live alone or with a medical condition
  • Custom responses available so you can request special instructions to contact a relative, notify an ambulance service or dispatch the police
  • Panic alarms receive special priority over burglar alarms
  • Wireless, portable and expandable to include lighting features and additional remotes
  • Easy to install and designed to carry with you

Call Pendant

Your loved one can wear the heart pendant around her neck at all times. In a sudden emergency (fall, heart attack, etc) she can simply push the button and emergency help will be notified immediately!

Big Red Button

Simply place the Big Red buttons in the most frequently used rooms. In an emergency, push the BIG RED button, holding it down for 4 seconds. It will send a RF (radio frequency) signal to the main console, which will trigger an alarm and call ORCA's 24-Hour Monitoring station for emergency help.


8 Camera Total Estate Surveillance Pack

8 Cam Total Estate Surveillance Pack ONLY $579.99 WITH COUPON

Now you can monitor your home's downstairs, upstairs, outside & inside. Monitor from work over the Internet and record only the action on your VCR!

Special Offer Price: $679.99 ($1309+ Value)
Special Offer Ends: May 16, 2002
Bonus: FREE Socket Rocket Lamp Module
Bonus: FREE Socket Rocket Lamp Module (again!)
Bonus: FREE Shipping
No Risk: 30 Day Cash-back guarantee

Included in this GIGANTIC kit:

  • 8 wireless cameras
    • 5 InstantON wireless cameras
    • 3 WideEye InstantON wireless cameras
  • 8 Addressable power supplies
  • 2 Audio/Video Receivers
  • 4 EagleEye Motion Detectors
  • 4 Hawkeye Motion Sensors
  • 6 XCam2 Tripods
  • 1 VCR Commander II
  • 1 ScanPower Director Remote
  • 1 Palm Pad Remote
  • 1 Lamp Module
  • 2 Socket Rockets Lamp Modules
  • 1 Transceiver
  • 1 XRay Vision Internet Kit!

Use the cameras to view:

  • driveway
  • front porch
  • backyard
  • kid's playroom
  • kid's bedroom
  • side of house
  • kitchen

View what's going on through-out your entire home/office and record all the action on ONE VCR! If you bought these parts individually, you'd pay $1,309.43! Amazing Eight Camera Deal with VCR Commander is NOW ONLY $579.99 WITH COUPON!

Huge discount offer ends MAY 16TH @ MIDNIGHT! SAVE $729.44!


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Best Regards,

Brian Edwards
X10 Email Discount Club Manager
Marketing Department
19823 58th Place South
Kent, WA 98032

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