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(OTC:VTLV) Poised for Big Jump PN

From: Investor Relations
Subject: (OTC:VTLV) Poised for Big Jump PN
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 14:14:30 -1700

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Special Situation and Alert: Vital Living Inc.  (OTC BB:VTLV)


Vital Living  develops and markets nutraceuticals formulated by physicians for distribution through physicians. The company is developing and testing nutraceuticals in collaboration with leading medical experts based on the best available scientific evidence. Our nutraceuticals are designed to be incorporated by physicians into a standard physician/patient program, supported by a specially designed compliance regimen.

******** FOCUS POINTS ********

The company just completed a $3 million dollar plus private placement, and is in the process of completing a $5-$15 million institutional private placement of convertible preferred equity.

The stock is up from .85 in March to about $3.  In the future VTLV will have a market cap of over $50 million, and enough shareholders to qualify for a NASDAQ listing.

***** VTLV NEWS*****

In an effort to address America's #1 health concern, Vital Living is targeting cardiovascular health with its first physician-formulated nutraceuticals.

Vital Living has created partnerships with the Arizona Heart Institute (AHI) and leading health education organizations to develop its cardiovascular health products and programs. These partnerships are helping Vital Living develop nutraceuticals and accompanying lifestyle programs best-suited to achieving cardiovascular health.

Management has locked up an exclusive three-year product formulation and direct distribution agreement with the Mayo Clinic of heart disease-the Arizona Heart Institute (AHI).

VTLVs doctor formulated and AHI approved nutritional supplements will be distributed at AHI facilities to its entire past/present patient population.  AHI and their affiliates treat more than 25,000 cardiovascular patients annually.  The agreement also details a joint introduction of the cardiovascular nutritional regimen to AHIs active data base of over 150,000 patients.

They have locked up one of the heart worldÿFFFF92s leading gurus-Ted Dietrich, M.D., who is the founder and medical director of AHI, to actively work with VTLV in integrating their program into the AHI system.  Dr. Dietrich also consults with dozens of heart centers throughout the world, and it is expected the VTLV nutritional program will be introduced outside the AHI market when possible.

This recommendation is an unpaid, unsolicited report from The ChangeWave Hedge Fund Briefing, a weekly market intelligence service based on primary research conducted with the assistance of the ChangeWave Alliance, a network of 3,500  professionals in 20 industry segments providing daily feedback on how companies, industry segments, and technologies are performing in the real world.


Daily Opinion:     BUY
Target Price:    $20.00
52 Week High:    $4.05
52 Week Low:    $0.85
Current Price:    $3.10

******** COMPANY PROFILE ********

VTLV  is a well poised company in a widely known industry, nutritional supplements.

VTLVs game plan is ambitious yet very likely: create and lock-up a new and extremely powerful distribution channel for premium quality/premium priced nutritional supplements (cardiovascular specialists) aimed at the largest $multi-billion market segment for these products-cardiovascular disease and prevention.

The monthly revenue per patient for the nutritional supplement regimen will exceed $50 a month-with some health plans already considering including the costs in reimbursable healthcare costs.

The key to the marketing plan is simple yet very powerful: the supplements are prescribed by the patientÿFFFF92s heart doctor and are included in a healthy heart protocol that EACH patient is expected to maintain.  Compliance with doctor enforced programs is significantly higher than without physician support. So far, management has done all the right things to get this company going and off to a flying start-including raising public and private venture capital in the worldÿFFFF92s toughest fundraising environment.

******** CONCLUSION ********

 The AHI collaboration, combined with an automatic credit card debiting/restocking system, can easily create a $5-$10 million per month sales volume with incredible customer retention.  It boggles the mind to think how well this marketing approach can work when your personal physician is recommending the products.

VTLV is well poised for owning a very lucrative niche in the billion dollar nutritional supplement arena.

We recommend the stock as a speculative BUY now with a target of $20.




 Stock Alert provides information on selected companies that it believes has investment potential. Stock Alert is not a registered investment advisor or broker - dealer. This report is provided as an information service only, and the statements and opinions in this report should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security. Stock Alert accepts no liability for any loss arising from an investors reliance on or use of this report. An investment in VTLV is considered to be highly speculative and should not be considered unless a person can afford a complete loss of investment. Stock Alert has been retained to distribute this report on VTLV and has been paid seven thousand five hundred dollars by a third party. This report involves forward looking statements, which involve risk, and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward - looking statements. For further details concerning these risks and uncertainties, see the SEC filings of VTLV including the companys most recent annual and quarterly reports.


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