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60 Million Email Addresses on Cd

From: Bulk Email Cd
Subject: 60 Million Email Addresses on Cd
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 08:21:39 +0100

60 Million Email Addresses on Cd

The email addresses come in easy to use text format and have been split into many files for ease of use. Email addresses from each country and the major domains have been sorted and placed into their own easily identifiable files.

The lists have been checked and cleaned in March 2002 removing all duplicates. The lists have not been verified but sampling has revealed a 40 % success rate. This may seem low, but so is the price! The UK and French lists have been Verified with a 90% success rate (tested March 2002).

Please see the details of the list below

TOTAL 60466973

America Online              9069466
Compuserve                   6955177
Msn                                 9175988
Hotmail                            9131306
Excite                               9175988
Mci                                  1101003
Yahoo                             9083157
UK VERIFIED                  600000
French VERIFIED           249000
Other                               5925888

To Order please send a fax to +44 709 1000 469 with your delivery address and you will be sent the CD at no cost to you! When you receive the CD the files will be "locked" you will be given the unlock codes after payment of $39.99 has been received by secure online credit card transaction, full instructions are given with the CD.

Order today and receive free software to send 30,000 emails per hour!

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