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Re: Visit my web

From: rec.humor.funny autoreply
Subject: Re: Visit my web
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 21:10:00 -0700

Thanks for your first comedy submission to rec.humor.funny's autoreply
daemon.  Here's your automatic reply.  In due time, I will get to the message
personally.  If I accept it, I will send you a reply indicating
that I have done this.  I will also reply if it is rejected
for an unusual reason.  I try to do this quickly, but sometimes I
get busy and it may take weeks to empty my queue.

If you have not read them, I strongly advise you to read the guidelines
for submissions to this group.  They are posted the 2nd of every month
to rec.humor.funny.  Please check them out.  They can also be found on
the rec.humor.funny home page http://www.netfunny.com/rhf.  If you can't
wait for them to come around again, and don't have web access, send a message
to address@hidden with a subject line like:

Subject: command: rules

(The space is important)

There are a variety of common reasons why I might reject your submission.
The most common one, of course, is that it just doesn't excite me much.
That's life -- I reject 90% of submissions, so please keep trying.  The
guidelines noted above will tell you the other common reasons -- copyright,
contrived puns, repeated material, very well known stuff, USENET postings
not submitted by the original author, stuff where you had to be there, 
unexciting followups, etc.

I hope you already knew the rules and particular that you did a search in
our joke archives on the web page before sending in your submission, to
be sure we hadn't done the joke before.

By the way, this address (address@hidden) is ONLY for comedy submissions.
No comments, complaints, requests etc.  They go to address@hidden
(Daemon file request commands do go to address@hidden)  Most comments
and complaints should go to the poster of the joke, not me.

If your joke needs immediate attention because it's based on current events
and won't be funny a week down the road, mail it to address@hidden
This is for jokes about the news, not jokes you heard on the news.

If a joke is original, you can use address@hidden to tag it as such.
This is one way to be sure it's considered for the rec.humor.funny original
comedy awards.   If you indicated it was original in another fashion, that's

-Brad Templeton & Jim Griffith

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