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New Franchise Opportunity

From: Don Tough
Subject: New Franchise Opportunity
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:24:40 -0400

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Franchise Opportunity

Be your own boss.
Get involved on the ground floor.
Be part of the new 21st century way of buying and selling Real Estate.
With technology advancing the way it is, realistically, with-in 5-7 yrs
there will be far less traditional real estate agents.  The rest of the
population, who value a dollar, will use technology to assist them in their
everyday lives. All properties, homes and businesses will be sold online by
the Vendor. There will be no more ridiculously high commissions fees to pay
out of your hard earned equity.
Real Estate companies are already advertising their properties online but
they are not willing to give up there high commissions. In some cases, Real
Estate agents actually feel, they should charge a higher commission for this
"online" service.
At Sell Your Own Home, we see a much brighter future for Vendors and
Today's technology allows us to design software that empowers every home,
property and business owner with the same tools that an over paid Real
Estate agent has. The only difference, between us and them, is that we don't
want 5-6% of the Vendors money for our service. In a big cities like Toronto
or New York, where the average home is worth $300,000, the commissions are
in the $15,000-$18,000 range. With Sell Your Own Home, the same service
costs the Vendor $750-$1500.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the attraction. Who doesn't
want to save thousands of dollars?.

Join the Sell Your Own Team and be a pioneer in the inevitably changing,
technological future of real estate sales.
Not to mention you will enjoy your work and make an above average living in
the process.

How Does Franchising Work?
Franchisee registers his/her intent to purchase a franchise with Sell Your
Own Home and puts forth the initial investment cost to start their Sell Your
Own Home business.
Franchisee then receives their Sell Your Own Home Franchise Welcome Package
by courier.
Franchisee then goes online and logs on to *HomeWare on the Sell Your Own
Home web site (either sellyourownhome.us for American franchises or
sellyourownhome.ca for Canadian franchises) and configures their account
information to personalize the administrator interface.
Franchisee proceeds to advertise and market their Sell Your Own Home
franchise in their exclusive area to get clients to market their property
with Sell Your Own Home. Franchisee receives 50% of the pre-sale property
listing charge and 100% of the post-sale charge. Total Sell Your Own Home
listing cost is 0.50% of list cost of the property (0.25% pre-sale and 0.25%

Requirements to Purchase a Sell Your Own Home Franchise?
Initial investment of $5,000 CAD (roughly $3,250 USD) for each exclusive
area (Franchise area's are based on a Gross Population of 250,000 people).
The initial investment cost will increase to $10,000 CAD (roughly $6,500
USD) in September of 2002 and increase again to $15,000 CAD (roughly $9,750
USD) in January of 2003 and so on as the company expands.
50% of the property pre-listing charge goes to Sell Your Own Home on
A minimum advertising budget of 15% of revenue or $1000.00 CAD (approx
$648.00 USD) per month, is required every month for the first two years of
Agreement to operate your business in a dignified manner, not to act in any
way that could cause detriment to the good name of Sell Your Own Home and to
order and/or use signs, **stationary, ***advertising templates, Sell Your
Own Home logo and company colours for clothing as set forth by Sell Your Own

What do I get from Sell Your Own Home?
A new computer (add $1,500.000 CAD (roughly $983.00 USD) for laptop) and a
new digital camera so you can take digital photographs of your clients
property and have the ability to work efficiently online.
Customized use of *HomeWare software to list your clients properties.
10 professional "For Sale" lawn signs included with initial package.
Unlimited @sellyourownhome.us or @sellyourownhome.ca email addresses
10% of monthly revenue generated by franchisee is given back to franchisee
to be applied directly towards the minimum advertising costs. This lowers
the franchisee's minimum advertising expense to only 5% of revenue, monthly,
for the first year of business.
All advertising templates, copy, scripts for radio and TV are provided for
A Sell Your Own Home start-up stationary package is provided with initial
A "Toll Free" phone number with customer support is provided by Sell Your
Own Home. 24 hr Technical Support is provided for the franchisee and there
will be customer support provided for both potential purchasers and listed
clients alike
All Web Servers, Internet Bandwidth and Website Maintenance is provided by
Sell Your Own Home.
A monthly Sell Your Own Home listing magazine is in development and will
soon be available in all areas that are marketed by Sell Your Own Home
Sell Your Own Home guarantees an exclusive area or territory for each

*Homeware is the software developed for Sell Your Own Home and used by each
franchisee to market their clients properties online.
**Stationary includes contracts, invoices, letterhead, envelopes, custom
flyers, business cards, etc. All costs to franchisee will be less than
market value due to our increasing buying power.
***Advertising templates can be customized to suit the particular need of
any franchise. Sell Your Own Home will provide assistance on an as needed

Don Tough
National Franchise Manager

Bus: (613) 389-8618
Fax:(613) 634-6529
Toll-Free 1-877-768-9327

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