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HK399 SME Trading software for free trial

From: stephen yeung
Subject: HK399 SME Trading software for free trial
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 02 15:11:46 中国夏时制时间


Best Trading Application For SOHO & SME

* 鍏ч檮鑷嫊绀鸿寖鍙婅〒绶磋獮闊崇▼寮
* Enclose with auto demo and training program
* 涓嫳鏂囦粙闈㈤毃鎰忚綁鎻
* English/Chinese interface option
* 鍠敤鎴,澶氱敤鎴跺強澶氬叕鍙哥増鏈
* Single/Multiple user & Multi-Company
* 鍖呮嫭鍚堟硶璩囨枡搴増娆
* Legal Database Included
* 璨挎槗鍙婃渻瑷堝姛鑳
* Trading & Accounting Features
* 閫f帴鐢㈠搧鍦栧儚鍔熻兘
* Linkage with product graphic file
* 鐧肩エ鍙婂牨鍍瑰柈闆婚兊鍙婂偝鐪熷姛鑳
* Quotation & Invoice Issued by email or fax
* 鏅鸿兘寮忚鎲,鐒¢渶閲嶅京杓稿叆璩囨枡
* Intelligent Memory System avoid duplicate input
* 閵峰敭鍒嗘瀽鍙婃湭鏀跺赋鍫辫〃
* Analysis Report for Sales & Account Receivable

* 姣忕敤鎴 Per User HK$399(鍖呴佽波鍙婁笁鍊嬫湀闆昏┍鍜ㄨ鏈嶅嫏Include 3 months hot line service)
* 澶氬叕鍙哥増棣栧叕鍙 Multi-Company HK$399 for first company (寰屾瘡鍏徃 Afterward HK$399)
* 涓婇杸瀹夎On site installation charge HK$200/鍠 PC, HK$500/鏈嶅嫏鍣 Server
* 涓婇杸鏈嶅嫏,鍩硅〒鏀惰不 On site service, User training HK$400/姣2灏忔檪 Every 2 hours
* 淇敼鍫辫〃 Customize print out HK$300/姣忎唤鏍煎紡Per page
* 鍗囩礆骞磋不 Yearly Subscription HK$500/鐢ㄦ埗user (鍖呮嫭杌熶欢鍗囩礆鍙婄啽绶氬挩瑭㈡湇鍕, include free software 
upgrade & hot line service)

* For Trial version please input "RTD" in both User ID and Password.


璜嬮浕 Hotline 9144 8651,妤婂厛鐢熴 Stephen Yeung

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