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Re: MH/nmh Mail Folder Complete Command in Bash.

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: MH/nmh Mail Folder Complete Command in Bash.
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 12:04:11 GMT

Hi Ben,

> >  I've seen other MH/nmh users asking how to do this but having
> >  tracked down any answers using Google.  A pointer in the right
> >  direction would be appeciated since the Bash documentation doesn't
> >  give any `complete' examples, unlike tcsh(1).
> You might want to check out Ian Macdonald's "Working more productively
> with bash 2.x" at http://www.caliban.org/bash/ .  Along with some
> other useful tips, he has plenty of examples you can download.

Ah, thanks.  I'd already found that site but it wasn't clear to me on
first reading that the downloads were lots of completion functions, I
thought it was patches to bash to improve its compeltion code!

There's no MH/nmh support in it, and I'm a little reticent to pull all
of that into every interactive bash so I think I'll do my own `dwim'
command that can be called by `complete -C'.

Thanks for the pointer, it was useful.



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