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Aristotle Update A2

From: Aristotle Institute
Subject: Aristotle Update A2
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 102 13:53:21 EDT


June 21, 2002


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In Memory
Phil Mogle


Aristotle Founder

Devout Christian

Dedicated Husband

Father Extraordinaire

Renaissance Man

Partner & Friend

  In Brief

Aristotle Editors

Turnover in the Internet economy in 2002 will surpass $1 Trillion dollars...

Regular PC users have reduced physical shopping by 30% and have cut down on their television viewing...

Jupiter found that 70% of Internet users cannot understand paying for content....Content purchases in 2002 are predicted to exceed $1.4 Billion.  

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The Phoenix Factor

Bruce Butterfield, CAE, APR

Creative Destruction for Your Organization's Survival

Your competitors are targeting your markets and best products.  Beat them to the punch by targeting your own products and services as your competitors do. 

Leadership Lessons from the Civil War
  Author Tom Wheeler, is the Featured Presenter at the Sept. 18-20 Forbes/ROA Gettysburg Seminar.

Using the battle of Gettysburg as a metaphor, seminar participants will discuss critical decision making in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity, the importance of communication by senior leaders, and maintaining loyalty, all key issues for today’s association leaders.   Click here for more information.


 Laptops Rule!

Arthur G. Esch, Jr.

For the first twenty years of personal computers we have been taught that desktops are for power and laptops are light-weight friends for road trips only. Now the industry is building laptops with plenty of power and the price points are coming down every day. The result is 'Laptops rule!'

How to Be a Futurist
  Amy L. Cole, Executive Vice President and COO, 
The Forbes Group

Being a futurist doesn't mean being a forecaster. It means being creative and envisioning your preferred future.

This is the first article in a series on "How to Be a Futurist" - To read this article, Click Here





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