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EAI - PDM - Web Services Solutions Architect

From: Allen Davis
Subject: EAI - PDM - Web Services Solutions Architect
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 21:28:54 -0400

My name is Allen Davis.

I am a specialist in EAI / PDM / PLM / Web Services.

I specialize in webMethods, SeeBeyond, Tibco, Vitria, Matrix One, and Web 
Services Enterprise Application-to-Application Integrations.

I would like to assist you in your enterprise integration efforts.

Please contact me at 866.235.1638  as soon as you have a moment.

Please feel free to view my updated information at www.allentdavis.com (just a 
click away)

Have a Great Day !!!

Allen T. Davis
EAI Integration Architect
Phone: 866.235.1638
Site: www.allentdavis.com  

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