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big job numbers if one doesn't hit RET

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: big job numbers if one doesn't hit RET
Date: 25 Jun 2002 04:25:59 +0800
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Ok, maybe this isn't a bug but I start a job then end it and return to
the shell window where I start it and start another job without first
hitting RET etc. which would report the last job finishing.
$ (emacs -f gnus)&
[1] 712
$ (emacs -f gnus)&
[2] 811
[1]   Done                    ( emacs -f gnus )
$ (emacs -f gnus)&
[3] 1030
[2]   Done                    ( emacs -f gnus )
Anyways that way one could have job numbers in the hundreds even
though one never had more than one background job running.
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