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Want to make $48 per sale?

From: Johannes Garrido
Subject: Want to make $48 per sale?
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 05:52:53 -0700

Hi address@hidden, 

I found your http://socrates.berkeley.edu/News/ last 
night and I was quite impressed.  I really love your 
site's content and desgin quality...  And that's the 
reason that I'm writing.

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What I'm proposing could provide a great deal of profit 
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My name is Johannes Garrido and since we are both
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help you profit from your subscribers and website 

My website has a very good conversion rate and you'll 
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The product I am selling is how to create a perfect 
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This product is selling VERY WELL RIGHT NOW and 
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To capture these profits, here's what you need to do: 

Simply place a link on your website and a short 5 
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If you'd like me to get you set up on your way to 
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simply reply to this email with a blank email for 
the 3-step instructions. 

Or write to me personally at:

Best regards, 
Johannes Garrido

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