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Bash and "hogging" directories

From: pesarif
Subject: Bash and "hogging" directories
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 19:04:10 +1000


I'm the type that mounts and unmounts entire filesystems (huge loopbacks 
mainly) regularly:

address@hidden /]# umount /usr/share/timidity
umount: /usr/share/timidity: device is busy

It is busy because bash has somehow "hogged" the directory because I had cd'ed 
into it (i.e. cd /usr/share/timidity):

bash       4746      joe  cwd    DIR        7,1     4096     98853 

Could you please prevent bash from "hogging" the directory or marking it as in 
use/busy?  Is it really neccessary to tell Linux that the directory is in use 
when all I have done is cd into it?

It would make unmounting (esp. floppies) a whole lot easier.


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